How To Touch Up The Shape of Your Brim

Have you had your hat for a while and accidentally stored it in a place where the brim now isn't exactly what you want? 

Touching up your brim IS something you can do yourself for almost any hat you own.  Our goal with our hats is to have you wear them as much as possible and if it is sitting in a closet because the brim looks a bit out of shape - let's fix it!  Charlie goes through a couple of simple scenarios below so you can see how to Flatten your brim or how to scope (tip front and back) your brim.  Is simple!  We will even walk you through it if need be.  If your brim is so out of shape and it needs a rehab - We service our hats for the hats lifetime. We want this hat to go on every adventure with you, so send it to us for deeper touch ups!  

How to Scope Your Brim

How to Flatten Your Brim

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