Nine Tips on How To Travel with Your Hat

Your hat is part of your personality! So, naturally, you’ll want to take it with you on your adventures. But traveling with your hat can be tricky— you don’t want to crush or lose it. Some people are so intimidated by traveling with their hats that they leave them at home. We want to tell you that you CAN travel with your hats safely and securely!

Here are our nine tips on how to travel with your hat. 

#1: Wear It!

The easiest way to travel with your hat is simply to wear it. This works especially well if you're traveling to a beach destination where you’ll need sun coverage. Straw hats are our go-to beach accessory, and it’s easy to keep them safe by wearing them to and from your travel destination. We think it's a practical and fashionable choice for any traveler. 

#2: Clip It To Your Luggage

You can clip it to your luggage if you don't want to wear your hat. Just make sure to check it often to make sure it hasn't caught on anything and been tugged off.


#3: Use a Secure Clip

A flimsy clip won’t do you any good if you’re sprinting through the airport to catch your flight. Make sure that the clip is secure enough to withstand a little jostling. If you need some specific recommendations, reach out!

#4: Tuck & Clip Your Hats

Tuck multiple hats inside each other! If you're traveling with more than one hat, tucking them inside each other and then clipping them to the back of your roller bag or backpack is a great option. It keeps them from getting crushed in your bag while giving you lots of options for headwear when you’re at your destination.  Just make sure to check in on them every once in a while while you’re rolling through the airport.


 #5: Prioritize Hat Space in Overhead Compartments 

Find overhead space on the plane: when you board the plane, make sure to find space in the overhead for your hat, taking care to make sure the brims are not being compromised. It’s probably best to make sure you put the hat in last so no one else comes in with their bag and crushes your hat. 

#6: Bring One Hat & Several Bands

If you want to travel with your hat and don’t want to be stuck with a single style, mix up the bands! Bringing a variety of hat bands allows you to show off a different look without worrying about bringing multiple hats. Plus, hatbands are much easier to pack! Just pop them in a little bag and tuck them somewhere safe.

#7: Take These Tips to The Backcountry

Not all adventures mean airplanes and overhead luggage. You can also take your hat backpacking or hiking to protect you from the elements. Our fine fur felt hats are great for your outdoor life! They’re hardy and handsome if we do say so ourselves. When you’re not wearing your hat on your hikes, just clip it to your backpack with a quality clip. 

#8: Buy a Travel Case

Investing in a travel case is another option if you're worried about your hat getting damaged during transport. These are easy to carry with you and fit in the overhead bin. If you’re looking for the perfect hat case for your hat, let us know! We sell one at True West that works beautifully!


#9: Ship Ahead

If you're worried about your hat getting crushed during travel, consider shipping it ahead to your hotel in a strong box that will preserve its shape. This takes the pressure off you to keep your hat safe during your travels, and you’ll have a nice surprise waiting for you at your destination! 

What adventures will you take your hat on? 

Now that you know how easy it is to travel with your hat, what adventures are you itching to take your hat on? If you don’t have a hat to match your adventure yet, let’s fix that! Browse our available hats now.

If you want to learn more about traveling with your hat, send us a message! We are expert hat crafters, wearers, and travelers. And, we love to talk about hats!


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