What Materials are the Hats Made of?

What's the difference between Beaver Fur, European Hare, and Wool?

Beaver Fur: Beaver fur is the gold standard for measuring a hat’s quality, the higher the percentage of beaver in a hat the better the hat quality. Beaver fur, felts tighter, which results in a dense, light weight, thin hat which holds its shape in the rain or snow longer than a lesser quality hat. The more densely felted the hat is the better it resist rain penetrating into the felt. Beaver Fur also has a sheen and softness with the most durability.  A hat made out of Beaver will last you a lifetime.  Beaver fur is not a huge abundance, thus reflecting in quality and price.

European Hare (Rabbit): Rabbit fur can also be felted fairly tight and is more commonly available than beaver fur. Using rabbit fur for a hat body makes the hat more affordable and is soft to the touch. Rabbit fur does not felt as tightly (dense) as beaver fur, which makes thicker to obtain the needed stiffness for it to maintain its shape, it is also more susceptible to losing it's shape through the elements and wear, but is much more durable than wool.

Wool: Wool is also used to make hat felt. However wool felt is a very porous and does not shed water. Wool is a very affordable material which results in inexpensive hat making material which work well when not exposed to rain. Wool felt looses it shape easier than beaver or rabbit and is heavier and rougher in feel.

What do you mean by "Felt"?

Felt is made of short, single animal fibers which are interlocked by their natural tendency to “crawl” and twist when kneaded and manipulated in hot water and steam. Felt is the original fabric and the strongest fabric known because every fiber is interlocked in every direction with a number of other fibers. Other fabrics are made of fibers which are first twisted into threads and then woven by hand or machine, woven together.

Wool felt is fur from sheep obtained through shearing. Wool is not nearly as durable as Fur Felt and Beaver. Hats made with wool have much shorter lifespan.
Fur felt is not sheared. The animal pelts are handled so the fur may be removed, using the underfur with the most barbs to interlace and connect, making a lighter weight and more durable hat, able to withstand re-shaping and the weather.

What's the difference in material between the Cowboy Hat and the Lightweight hats?

The Cowboy Hats are made of either European Hare or a Beaver/European Hare Blend. These hats have more ounces of fur and are very stiff, holding and taking shape very easily. These hats are stronger and are ideal for a lot of use (think riding horses for a living!). They are optimal for someone who wants ultimate sun protection and a warm hat for winter.  They are heavy and some believe a little hot for summer.

Lightweight Hats - We've been told, our Pure Beaver lightweight hat is so lightweight, you can't even feel it on your head!  Ultimate for a travel companion and the best if you are considering a sweaty head for the summer with ultimate sun protection.  Or if you are looking to wear it in the city.

What are the names of your hat styles? Is it a cowboy hat or a fedora?

We love the West, heck, we live in the mountains of Colorado!  The cowboy hat is iconic! However, not everyone wants to sport a cowboy hat walking down the streets of their city.  Our hats are inspired by the classic cowboy hat with a cross of the fedora.   They are more wearable as they are shorter in the crown (top) height, and brim (sides).

Many of our styles are easy to wear while hiking or out on your adventure for the day.  However, we can make just about anything!

How Do I Custom Order A Hat?

Are All of Your Hats Custom Made?

We make every hat to order.  We have many styles and photos of hats we have made.  We can make one you see from our site, make a custom hat from a picture you provide (ie. replica of your father's hat etc.), or start with the basics and "build" your hat with you.  We make them from the felted hat-body on.  We block, shape, iron, sand, sew and finish the hat with full detail!  Our hats are made from beginning to end by one of us! We make it, once you order it!

How Long Does It Take To Make a Custom Made Hat?

It all depends on if we have all the materials in our shop to make your hat. If so, it could be just 2 weeks. If not it could be up to 6 weeks.  We will be in communication with you to keep you posted on the timeline. Just remember, it is a hand-made, quality hat.  It takes time for quality!

What's Your Guarantee?

We guarantee you'll love our felt hats, including the fit and design.  If it doesn't fit, send it back and we will work on the sizing. If the style is a bit wrong, we can work on that (within reason) and figure that out too!  If after trying a couple of times, then it just doesn't seem meant to be, you can simply return the hat. 

What Color Choices do I have for Hats?

We carry silverbelly, bone, granite, steele, moss green, black, chocolate, and sahara.  We may have special colors available, just check in with us to see! To see all colors click here and scroll to the color section.