Hiring: True West Hats, a custom hat-maker, in Sedona and Cornville.  
Are you an aspiring Maker?  Have you done leather work? Sewing? Beading? Felting? Hatmaking? Do you like making magical experiences for customers? We are looking for creative individuals to join our small family business.
Please provide work history and email: true@truewesthats.com.
Job Duties Could Include:
Retail - customer experience associate.  We seek a person that can work weekdays and/or weekends during retail hours.  It is really important that you are personable and really able to help our customers through the hat-designing process.  This is an active retail position, you will not be sitting behind a counter.
HatMaking - Working hand in hand with the makers in making fur felt, straw hats including blocking, shaping, sewing, adorning etc.
We are a small family owned business and our business is expanding.  We are looking for a key team member to be part of our team.  Someone that can manage several tasks at a time, be accountable and reliable, and hold quality and attention to detail as super important.
Pay depends on experience/skills you bring to the table.
Contact us at: true@truewesthats.com

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